Automobile Sector

The automotive industry is going through disruptive changes. In this crowded marketplace with many players, every automaker is challenged to push for innovations. To successfully adapt, they need to be able to respond to changes with focus, responsiveness, variability and resilience. In today's increased competition and changing market conditions, producing reliable and high-performance automobiles economically at a market beating pace and low cost requires robust and high-performance processes.

Spacebar is devoted to helping the automobile industry reach peak performance in all areas by providing high end IT consulting services. Currently Technoforte is working with some of the leading automobile giants across the globe. We believe in long term association and help our automotive clients with strategy, systems integration delivery as well as owning, administering and managing critical business processes and services.

We provide a wide solution range spanning from customized application development, managing the existing applications, Application Integration, data warehousing and integration, ERP solutions and real time Supply Chain Management solutions.


The automotive industry is facing fundamental changes brought on by digital technologies. Changing consumer preferences influenced by emerging digital technologies, new digital retail configurations and changing roles of the sales force, dealers and distributors are changing the very way that the industry operated even five years ago. Products are becoming more complex, safety compliance and environmental regulations more stringent while there are huge pressures to focus on aspects such as innovation, car connectivity, fuel efficiency, costs and capacity.

Our cutting edge automotive IT consulting services and software solutions are focused on ensuring that you overcome these challenges.