A journal of top content marketing tools

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A journal of top content marketing tools

Are you the one who is seeking for top-notch content marketing tools? In the unique world of digital marketing, marketers need tools to execute their content for marketing communication as well collaterals need great tools with 24/7 connectivity. Content marketing offers a range of competitive landscape with many blends of effectiveness and efficiency when it is correctly directed by a right set of tools.

Though there are several categories in terms of content marketing tools in view of content reaching the consumer, below appending are the tool categories that go effectively on the web with more demanding capability.


- Planning

- Research

- Creation

- Distribution

- Promotion

- Optimization

- Metric Measurement

- Reports

Contently as a right content marketplace; Skyword, Newscred, as content marketing software; Uberflip as content marketing automation; Curata as one of the leading and new content marketing platforms and very much expected tool Center to analyze customer intelligence are the ones.

Adding insight to the crowd, appending down are the list of content marketing tools which warrant regular updates adding wisdom to the content crew, you can add more daily pitches. In addition, you can reach out for more content strategies and content with marketing ideas too.

Atomic Ally – It is a content scoring tool which helps a lot in customizing your audience in a specific order.

Buzz Sumo – It helps to do research, create alerts and links and also to do influencer discovery on social media platforms.

Buffer – It helps to create schedules for content promotion, analytics and also can perform team collaboration

Co Schedule – It is a content editorial calendar built by word press plug-in that helps you to order workflow, to perform analytics for social shares/posts and blog postings

Canva – It is a web-based content design tool which is visually aided with much more stock photos

Curata – It helps to perform content curation and acts as a content marketing platform in a greater way

Dash This – For those who are as dashboard marketers, here is lovable news. Dash This helps them to create content and to do marketing as well, which helps in both way as usage and execs that would be understood in a better way.

Ever Note – It is super multiple platforms which capture data and information in all the formats of text, images, and videos that could be even synchronized with cloud and also across other devices too

Flip Board – When you would like to create any online content with tuned by curation for online magazine, then Flip Board is the right choice

Grammarly – It is an online application tool that helps to check the grammar tone – which can be done on browsers esp. the chrome

Hemingway App – It is a web-based dynamic tool that helps a lot in terms of editing texts