How Twitter helps event managers to get followers?

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How Twitter helps event managers to get followers?

Are you into events and events managing? Do you require getting more followers for your events on your Twitter account? To the present trend, most of the businesses exist on Twitter but still many put question marks in getting actionable ideas to increase the followers’ number. When compared to other marketing ideations, Twitter is mostly wanted for events to be publicized.

It is a very useful tool to spread news and another set of information with regard to events to the followers. In addition, it helps to find information that what the world would like to share with, say for trending, fashion, events related. Moreover, Twitter is the right tool to tell about the events in its own style of short yet crispy content postings.

Social media becomes very decisive for any set of industry in present days, in which even a small business strives a lot to grow and succeed in the market dais. Not only a small event happens in a little corner, even events of Oscar are being shared on Twitter. You know that the tweet about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar success receives a great number of re-tweets and shares than any other live tweets of the same night!

Because of fetching massive followers, Twitter is a boon for the event managers in making the job easy for them. In addition, event managers can able to find the interests of those who took participation in the events! If at all, Twitter is rightly used with well-how knowledge on its ins and outs, it might be the downfall then. Indeed Twitter helps to a great extent in fetching maximum reach, and positive re-tweets. Below appending points are must be kept in mind for managing the content that is to be posted on your Twitter page.

1. Know the number of hashtags that to be used and what are all them

2. Number of tweets that to be posted out as per your calendar

3. 3. Any idea of following any people, and if so how many

Be sure on knowing answers for the above triplets, if not you have to go through this post completely for your betterment as Spacebar Techs rightly guides you. As an event manager, use Twitter as a great tool and think as if your own Oscar information to be tweeted with the following guide.

- Account Pro Technique

1. Create a dedicated Twitter account with your own profile picture to fetch a personal feel from the followers

2. Indicate yourself as what are you in the organization and include the website information, your contact information

- Hashtag Pro Technique

Hashtags are the critical entities that connect your tweets with n lot of relevant stuff that take your tweets to the followers who care about and consider them a lot. Keep in mind while hashtagging that there is such a thing is already on the web with too much of good about it. Studies say that:

1. Using a limited number of hashtags, say for 2 will read your content with no spam marks

2. 33 percentage of tweets with hashtags are more likely get re-tweets than that of those without hashtags

3. 69 percentage of tweets with the singlehashtag are found more likely to be retweeted than that of those with 2 hashtags

4. 34 percentage of tweets with images are more likely to receive positive re-tweets than that of those with no images

5. 26 percentage of tweets with URL found in the middle of the text received more re-tweets than that of with URLs found in the end or at the beginning

6. Event information shared through direct message campaigns on Twitter receive 300% of higher click rate than that of email campaigns

- Consistent Posts

Your Twitter account must be engaged with regular posts with news updates, tweets & re-tweets and with any other favorites. Tools such as Buffer, Edgar, Hootsuite, andTweetdeck will help you a lot in scheduling your tweets ahead so that it is a timeconsuming and also you won’t miss posting on Twitter.

- Auto-Follow Messages

You can seek help from tools such as Crowdfire, to set up an auto-follow message for your followers along with important information such as your website contact details, a brief about upcoming events or launches if any, additional info if any et al.

Alright! When everything is set and ready to go, there will be no force to stop it! Adding to that, below appending are few tips from Spacebar Techs that lists down to most standard hashtags.

1. #Events

2. #Conference

3. #EventMarketing

4. #EventTech

5. #EventHours

6. #EventJobs

7. #EventPlanner

8. #Eventchat

9. #EventBlog

10. #EventBlogChat

11. #B2BEvents

12. #B2CEvents

13. #EventCall

14. #EventDays

15. #EventToday

Add-on Values:

Spacebar Techs suggests going for actual profile photograph in order to gain personal touch instead of an automatic one. And also as an event manager, you should not be crazy with the hash tags even, stick to the rules and go ahead of it. Use the ideal amount of hashtags for bigger reach with positive yet potential re-tweets. In addition, don’t do too much number of re-tweets also in which when the thread gets build big, the engagement seems to go down where important tweets also might get the loss.

See, if you really want to make your event successful, it is your responsibility to build big followers on Twitter. You can take help from tools such as Tweepi in order to manage your followers and also those who follow you too. Tweepi shows you that who are all the worth followers (those who follow back) and who are all those that you don’t require too. You can also repeat the process in order to limit the unwanted accounts from your Twitter page.

Bottom lines

Whatever be the rules and regulations that are to be followed as an event manager along with the discussions happened above, it is one’s own accountability to take care of and executing the campaign to happen promptly with regular, attention seeking and unique call for action tweets.