Air Pizza delivery

You want to have your favorite foodstuffs say for, your common homemade breakfast items or something delicious at a moment when you would like to have. No need to wait until it gets ready in your kitchen or any common delivery fellows. Google – the all-rounder is making possible on all such. The world’s best friend Google is striving a lot for this to make it happen in reality in near times. Hence, the birth of “Google Express Delivery”!

One-day Door Delivery

Google announces an open challenge towards other online shops! Ooh? So far, such shops were actually executing “One-day Door Delivery” in the US, wherein the ordered goods will arrive in a day. To the matter of fact, it has turned a good amount of sale deals. As same, Google gotta introduce but which of, if you order by morning, par sure the goods will be delivered on the same day evening. It could be any stuff, which includes but not just limited to groceries, fruits, veggies, baked stuff, juices and beverages, puddings and desserts et al. In fact, Google gotta give an initial attempt to check on the execution in two of the US states.

On seeing the success ratio, Google will definitely bring such service in all the spots around the world. Do you have a question? Ask now, “Google, how it is possible?” In principle, the other online shops actually do sales and deliveries through their websites alone; in turn, Google doesn’t desire to go on the same track. Instead, Google has signed an agreement with across-the-board dealers such as Cost- goes Wholesale Corp, Whole Foods Market et al. When comes to the smaller areas of the world, Google gotta sign the agreements as same with all native possible dealers.

Google Express’s General Manager’s Statement

Now, it is the time that none needs to search in for restaurants, supermarkets et al. instead wherever you are, you can get your stuff as in your place! You know, the Google Express’s General Manager Brian Eliot states, “Folks, you don’t require to go anywhere for restaurants or supermarkets, do just Google, order your stuff/products, such will reach you in the same day”.

Google Express

Why Google Express? There is an ample amount of reasoned-confidence behind the birth of Google Express. Google in its own lab has truly started engaging in research studies and trials on such robotic delivery service. You know, Google’s one of the old projects is that of autopilot cars. How will it be if a robot steps-out such car and delivers your ordered goods? Think a while! Awwwww!

Google’s dream is now must real. Google once had created a four-legged robotic dog, which is capable of lifting the 150-kilo weight, adding that it can climb steps even, that to serve Army. Now Google’s brain has an idea of employing that robotic-dog in such delivery service as an initial execution-attempt.

Delivery Boys

Apart from that Google is creating “delivery boys” (robotic) to deliver for lightweight products say for pizza, burger et al. Recently in Australia, a drone type four winged delivery machine was successfully implemented for test delivery, which was then resulted in great success. Once this drone is launched, Google can possibly deliver any order within 30 minutes of the region’s any corner. You could have come across such delivery stories of other online shops in general but of something kiddy..

All right! Will a sparrow attack the “delivery boy” or why not a pussy will catch the delivery boy? How does Google believe such? Dear World, wait for it, please!