How Twitter helps event managers to get followers?

Are you into events and events managing? Do you require getting more followers for your events on your Twitter account? To the present trend, most of the businesses exist on Twitter but still many put question marks in getting actionable ideas to increase the followers’ number. When compared to other marketing ideations, Twitter is mostly wanted for events to be publicized.

It is a very useful tool to spread news and another set of information with regard to events to the followers. In addition, it helps to find information that what the world would like to share with, say for trending, fashion, events related. Moreover, Twitter is the right tool to tell about the events in its own style of short yet crispy content postings.

Social media becomes very decisive for any set of industry in present days, in which even a small business strives a lot to grow and succeed in the market dais. Not only a small event happens in a little corner, even events of Oscar are being shared on Twitter. You know that the tweet about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar success receives a great number of re-tweets and shares than any other live tweets of the same night!

Because of fetching massive followers, Twitter is a boon for the event managers in making the job easy for them. In addition, event managers can able to find the interests of those who took participation in the events! If at all, Twitter is rightly used with well-how knowledge on its ins and outs, it might be the downfall then. Indeed Twitter helps to a great extent in fetching maximum reach, and positive re-tweets. Below appending points are must be kept in mind for managing the content that is to be posted on your Twitter page.

1. Know the number of hashtags that to be used and what are all them

2. Number of tweets that to be posted out as per your calendar

3. 3. Any idea of following any people, and if so how many

Be sure on knowing answers for the above triplets, if not you have to go through this post completely for your betterment as Spacebar Techs rightly guides you. As an event manager, use Twitter as a great tool and think as if your own Oscar information to be tweeted with the following guide.

- Account Pro Technique

1. Create a dedicated Twitter account with your own profile picture to fetch a personal feel from the followers

2. Indicate yourself as what are you in the organization and include the website information, your contact information

- Hashtag Pro Technique

Hashtags are the critical entities that connect your tweets with n lot of relevant stuff that take your tweets to the followers who care about and consider them a lot. Keep in mind while hashtagging that there is such a thing is already on the web with too much of good about it. Studies say that:

1. Using a limited number of hashtags, say for 2 will read your content with no spam marks

2. 33 percentage of tweets with hashtags are more likely get re-tweets than that of those without hashtags

3. 69 percentage of tweets with the singlehashtag are found more likely to be retweeted than that of those with 2 hashtags

4. 34 percentage of tweets with images are more likely to receive positive re-tweets than that of those with no images

5. 26 percentage of tweets with URL found in the middle of the text received more re-tweets than that of with URLs found in the end or at the beginning

6. Event information shared through direct message campaigns on Twitter receive 300% of higher click rate than that of email campaigns

- Consistent Posts

Your Twitter account must be engaged with regular posts with news updates, tweets & re-tweets and with any other favorites. Tools such as Buffer, Edgar, Hootsuite, andTweetdeck will help you a lot in scheduling your tweets ahead so that it is a timeconsuming and also you won’t miss posting on Twitter.

- Auto-Follow Messages

You can seek help from tools such as Crowdfire, to set up an auto-follow message for your followers along with important information such as your website contact details, a brief about upcoming events or launches if any, additional info if any et al.

Alright! When everything is set and ready to go, there will be no force to stop it! Adding to that, below appending are few tips from Spacebar Techs that lists down to most standard hashtags.

1. #Events

2. #Conference

3. #EventMarketing

4. #EventTech

5. #EventHours

6. #EventJobs

7. #EventPlanner

8. #Eventchat

9. #EventBlog

10. #EventBlogChat

11. #B2BEvents

12. #B2CEvents

13. #EventCall

14. #EventDays

15. #EventToday

Add-on Values:

Spacebar Techs suggests going for actual profile photograph in order to gain personal touch instead of an automatic one. And also as an event manager, you should not be crazy with the hash tags even, stick to the rules and go ahead of it. Use the ideal amount of hashtags for bigger reach with positive yet potential re-tweets. In addition, don’t do too much number of re-tweets also in which when the thread gets build big, the engagement seems to go down where important tweets also might get the loss.

See, if you really want to make your event successful, it is your responsibility to build big followers on Twitter. You can take help from tools such as Tweepi in order to manage your followers and also those who follow you too. Tweepi shows you that who are all the worth followers (those who follow back) and who are all those that you don’t require too. You can also repeat the process in order to limit the unwanted accounts from your Twitter page.

Bottom lines

Whatever be the rules and regulations that are to be followed as an event manager along with the discussions happened above, it is one’s own accountability to take care of and executing the campaign to happen promptly with regular, attention seeking and unique call for action tweets.

Stay Ahead in Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

Cutting the technical jargons down, it is about strategizing, managing and methodically ensuring that a brand's website gets ranked on the first page of Google search. It is a cyclical activity, which needs to be sustained to ensure the brand owner’s website stays hale and healthy and remains welcoming to potential customers and leads. Moreover, the final cut deliverable is that the well-planned SEO Solution.

Organic Search Consultation for Website

To reach the top of organic search results, increase your visibility, and attract more prospects, the brand and the site page should fly top with SEO methodologies. An inquired yet customized, complimentary Search Engine Optimization analysis today that rolls the whole progression for the top 10 reasons:

1. Search engine friendliness evaluation of the website

2. Keyword and opportunity analysis

3. Search Engine Ranking Comparison with key primary competitors

4. Increase the quality of site visitors

5. Increase the quantity of visitors

6. Improve the rate at which those visitors convert to customers

7. To establish a robust social media presence

8. To increase your Share of Voice among your top competitors

9. Maximize your ROI

10. Raised conversion rates

Increase Traffic

Google processes over 1 billion search query a day, so where does this place your company? Getting to the top of Page 1 requires much more than anticipating new algorithms. The highest placements on the search engines receive more than 50% of all clicks from users. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about positioning your business in front of every prospect the moment they start searching for your product or solution – before your competitors do. With the unique Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and precise process, the process will help lead the business to the forefront of the consumer base.

Address the Web on Own Terms

Lifting a company to Page 1 is what SEO does. Today, more than ever, it is important that every brand should be recognized online. The strategy begins by capitalizing on certain keywords that closely fit your product. SEO’s Organic Search Analysis and performance enhancement consist of identifying areas of strong themes and turning around missed opportunities. SEO expert team helps you select and distribute the right keywords in the right way to attract the Google spiders repeatedly and capture more qualified visitors.

More Traffic

Bringing the site to the top of Page 1 is the goal that leads our strategy. SEO team formulates a customized program to improve the company’s online visibility and ranking on the search engines. Expert skill behind the approach is what determines a steady rise and solid hold in result ranking. The tactics include keyword research and optimization, Meta tag management, content and copy enrichment, landing page optimization, cross-channel promotion, link building monitoring, and development.

More Conversions

Ranking first on Google is equivalent to the traffic that positions 2-5 attract collectively. The placement on the search engine results page (SERP) is invaluable when it comes to attracting quality visitors and guiding them through the conversion funnel path. SEO strategy starts by establishing a clear, process-oriented approach to increase online visibility and draw visitor engagement.

By determining optimal keyword placement, closely monitoring the spider crawls and delving into site analytics, it fine-tunes SEO strategy to strengthen the call to action prompts. With proven tactics to translate SEO investment into lead conversions and revenue for the business, the team continuously refines the strategy in helping to rise in rank, attain an increased ROI, and make the brand stand out in the face of competition.

Search Engine Management

With the advent of Google, Search-based Text ads, Banner ads (Display ads), et al are proven methods of reaching out to your TG in surgical ways, with least/zero spillage. If your Print campaigns establish Brand visibility and familiarity to help you command brand salience in the customers' mind, SEM gives you direct sales at dazzlingly affordable costs. In addition, the final cut deliverables are of SEM - Text ads like Google Ad Words, Banner ads, Display ads, Campaign Management.

By the help of social media engagements, along with the extended affiliation with the supportive platforms, brands that would desire to evolve in the competitive marketplace would win indeed. The right research, prediction, measured metrics, adaption towards the industry trends, and repeated engagements would stamp the brand in the end users’ mind strong. Now, for those who would love to start from first on social media engagements, hope we support a lot more than any one!

Bottom line

SEO is found to be a leading bay area in Internet Marketing Strategy. The metrics-driven and comprehensive approach to SEO make the brand a powerful extension of any marketing team.

Aid the brand on top of the search pages and achieve business goals through metrics-driven SEO marketing.

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Air Pizza delivery

Air Pizza delivery

You want to have your favorite foodstuffs say for, your common homemade breakfast items or something delicious at a moment when you would like to have. No need to wait until it gets ready in your kitchen or any common delivery fellows. Google – the all-rounder is making possible on all such. The world’s best friend Google is striving a lot for this to make it happen in reality in near times. Hence, the birth of “Google Express Delivery”!

One-day Door Delivery

Google announces an open challenge towards other online shops! Ooh? So far, such shops were actually executing “One-day Door Delivery” in the US, wherein the ordered goods will arrive in a day. To the matter of fact, it has turned a good amount of sale deals. As same, Google gotta introduce but which of, if you order by morning, par sure the goods will be delivered on the same day evening. It could be any stuff, which includes but not just limited to groceries, fruits, veggies, baked stuff, juices and beverages, puddings and desserts et al. In fact, Google gotta give an initial attempt to check on the execution in two of the US states.

On seeing the success ratio, Google will definitely bring such service in all the spots around the world. Do you have a question? Ask now, “Google, how it is possible?” In principle, the other online shops actually do sales and deliveries through their websites alone; in turn, Google doesn’t desire to go on the same track. Instead, Google has signed an agreement with across-the-board dealers such as Cost- goes Wholesale Corp, Whole Foods Market et al. When comes to the smaller areas of the world, Google gotta sign the agreements as same with all native possible dealers.

Google Express’s General Manager’s Statement

Now, it is the time that none needs to search in for restaurants, supermarkets et al. instead wherever you are, you can get your stuff as in your place! You know, the Google Express’s General Manager Brian Eliot states, “Folks, you don’t require to go anywhere for restaurants or supermarkets, do just Google, order your stuff/products, such will reach you in the same day”.

Google Express

Why Google Express? There is an ample amount of reasoned-confidence behind the birth of Google Express. Google in its own lab has truly started engaging in research studies and trials on such robotic delivery service. You know, Google’s one of the old projects is that of autopilot cars. How will it be if a robot steps-out such car and delivers your ordered goods? Think a while! Awwwww!

Google’s dream is now must real. Google once had created a four-legged robotic dog, which is capable of lifting the 150-kilo weight, adding that it can climb steps even, that to serve Army. Now Google’s brain has an idea of employing that robotic-dog in such delivery service as an initial execution-attempt.

Delivery Boys

Apart from that Google is creating “delivery boys” (robotic) to deliver for lightweight products say for pizza, burger et al. Recently in Australia, a drone type four winged delivery machine was successfully implemented for test delivery, which was then resulted in great success. Once this drone is launched, Google can possibly deliver any order within 30 minutes of the region’s any corner. You could have come across such delivery stories of other online shops in general but of something kiddy..

All right! Will a sparrow attack the “delivery boy” or why not a pussy will catch the delivery boy? How does Google believe such? Dear World, wait for it, please!

Tuesday, 06 February 2018 04:41

Comparison between DynamoDB and MongoDB

Comparison between DynamoDB and MongoDB

All the databases that are required by any big or small company for their content system, expect a highly customized one, which allows storing thousands and thousands of storage capacity. Hence database of each type include set of fields which factually lend by own efficiently to a traditional RDBMS system say for Oracle, or MySQL et al.

When there is a requirement for storing huge data, the most common relational database does not suit fit but of in wide use. Making use of standard rules, individual tables could create to hold all the entities of the data, however; technical minds seek for the better one. Hence, DynamoDB appears when MongoDB is in existence.


That MongoDB is an open source and document-oriented database. However, it is designed with developer agility and scalability features, it stores data/information in a relational database structure instead of rows and columns. It allows you to store JSON data models mapped with relevant applications with dynamic schemas. It leaves the storage process simple and efficient that the developer can iterate rapidly in which inbuilt drivers for the languages of respective codes.

With no extra coding required, MongoDB has an expressive query language that allows the developers to set, align and cumulate the data efficiently. It works on an auto-managing capability that requires no downtime and with one single click for data storing processes.

It gets affordable along with budget too, however, executing in the cloud on the commodity hardware within the data center hence managing the failovers on the own. All right! Then why DynamoDB over leads it, of course, DynamoDB has features that are most grateful to the developer's side, however, it seems to compare cereals and pulses!


Amazon DynamoDB provides a rapid and predictable performance with its fully managed NoSQL database service. With its seamless tenacity, it lets the developers offload the administrative burdens such as executing and scaling the distributed database hence hassle-free hardware provisioning, setup, configuration, replication, and software patching or cluster scaling could take place.

Database tables of any amount of data can be stored and retrieved with DynamoDB at any level of traffic space. In addition, it allows scaling up and down the tables with firm temperament and with no downtime in terms of performance degradation. AWS management helps in handy along with DynamoDB to monitor the resource usage and performance metrics.

Appending below are the salient features of DynamoDB that are very compelling making the developers get attention towards it when comparing to MongoDB:

1. Analytics

DynamoDB executes analyzing unstructured data in terms of easy elastic map reduce integration hence no hassles for the developers wherein MongoDB has set limits when executing map reduce processes. Almost most of the NoSQL databases systems have not factually met the expectation level as like DynamoDB so far. In fact, extending the analytics application for a database structure is a bit complex job, wherein it requires database request for the result to be sent back.

2. Consistency

DynamoDB supports on auto management that it never relies on hardcore replication of the values. Similar to the Amazon products’ offerings, the reading and writing units could be adjusted very easily on its factual process.

3. Easy kick-start

All the developer needs to have one AWS account to kick start the hosting solution wherein DynamoDB allows the execution as easy as making an API calls. Unlike other NoSQL systems, it does not require exact server allocation, installation and configuration prompt. DynamoDB needs to have a focused application and leaves the rest to AWS to handle everything.

4. Performance

DynamoDB takes single digit latency for heavy-load database management process in which all the information was replicated synchronously across all the available zones. However, it does not require downtime throughout the process.

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A journal of top content marketing tools

A journal of top content marketing tools

Are you the one who is seeking for top-notch content marketing tools? In the unique world of digital marketing, marketers need tools to execute their content for marketing communication as well collaterals need great tools with 24/7 connectivity. Content marketing offers a range of competitive landscape with many blends of effectiveness and efficiency when it is correctly directed by a right set of tools.

Though there are several categories in terms of content marketing tools in view of content reaching the consumer, below appending are the tool categories that go effectively on the web with more demanding capability.


- Planning

- Research

- Creation

- Distribution

- Promotion

- Optimization

- Metric Measurement

- Reports

Contently as a right content marketplace; Skyword, Newscred, as content marketing software; Uberflip as content marketing automation; Curata as one of the leading and new content marketing platforms and very much expected tool Center to analyze customer intelligence are the ones.

Adding insight to the crowd, appending down are the list of content marketing tools which warrant regular updates adding wisdom to the content crew, you can add more daily pitches. In addition, you can reach out for more content strategies and content with marketing ideas too.

Atomic Ally – It is a content scoring tool which helps a lot in customizing your audience in a specific order.

Buzz Sumo – It helps to do research, create alerts and links and also to do influencer discovery on social media platforms.

Buffer – It helps to create schedules for content promotion, analytics and also can perform team collaboration

Co Schedule – It is a content editorial calendar built by word press plug-in that helps you to order workflow, to perform analytics for social shares/posts and blog postings

Canva – It is a web-based content design tool which is visually aided with much more stock photos

Curata – It helps to perform content curation and acts as a content marketing platform in a greater way

Dash This – For those who are as dashboard marketers, here is lovable news. Dash This helps them to create content and to do marketing as well, which helps in both way as usage and execs that would be understood in a better way.

Ever Note – It is super multiple platforms which capture data and information in all the formats of text, images, and videos that could be even synchronized with cloud and also across other devices too

Flip Board – When you would like to create any online content with tuned by curation for online magazine, then Flip Board is the right choice

Grammarly – It is an online application tool that helps to check the grammar tone – which can be done on browsers esp. the chrome

Hemingway App – It is a web-based dynamic tool that helps a lot in terms of editing texts