Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

There has been a big shift in the way oil and gas industries are conducting their business. It has become more difficult to conduct their business due to various concerns. Some of the concerns affecting the oil and energy companies are volatile oil and gas prices, increasing business operation costs, retiring experienced professionals, stringent regulatory compliance requirements, and finding footage in new geographies. Energy companies are finding ways to bridge operational gaps, and modernize their business with modern technology solutions.

There is an ever-growing demand to be met with ever-depleting natural resources. Not to forget the need to optimally manage and maintain capital-intensive assets, improve performance and operational effectiveness throughout the value chain, meet the greedy end-market demands, and comply with regulatory mandates and other environmental safeguards. Has not this stressful industry made you wish for an able helping hand, which will take care of the finer details and let you focus on the bigger picture, to innovate and serve your customers better?

We have the experience in design, development, implementation, and deployment of solutions that address the needs of the organization. We have a record of delivering projects for enterprise integration and business process transformation for leading energy companies. From power generation to transmission and distribution, from water or waste water treatment plants to storage and distribution, and from upstream to downstream processes in Oil and Gas, Spacebar provides comprehensive and flexible enterprise solutions to help you meet the current and emerging business challenges.

Experience Innovation

Our domain experts bring with them hands-on experience in utility operations and support clients in overcoming their issues related to faster exploration to the production process, environment and regulatory compliances, aging IT infrastructure, inefficiency in supply chain, and increase in the operational costs.

We develop solutions for energy and utility industry which enables in the modernization of business processes, improve customer satisfaction, better connect their systems with newer technologies, gain insights for quick and better decision making, and optimally utilize resources and skills.


Comprehensive Domain Experience:

Spacebar provides business consulting services to clients in gas, water, and electric in the US and other parts of the globe. Our proven business consulting practices, tools, and technology frameworks have helped energy and related businesses transform their business for better.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

As with other businesses, our energy clients will gain the advantage of registering their presence across various digital media platforms. We serve them through comprehensive social media management services.

Operational Excellence:

Energy service providers will find a reliable partner in Spacebar to transform their business. We help our clients achieve operational excellence through our value-added services targeting business process optimization, customer engagement improvement, infrastructure agility, and more.