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  • How is quality insured in Offshore Development? +

    We provide secure connectivity to companies anywhere in the world and is staffed by skilled teams engaged in legacy systems maintenance, custom application development and enterprise application management. One of the the largest independent testing organization in the world, is fully integrated with our development teams and methodology.

    We at Spacebar Technologies drive our clients towards high-quality solutions under demanding time-frames, emphasizing quality and reduced risk.

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  • What is the advantage of Dedicated Outsourcing of Software Testing? +

    It’s easy to think that almost any technical services company could provide software testing – even something as simple as software regression testing from a set of test cases and a test plan that is already written. The test cases just need to be run, right? We think there is a difference in a company that ONLY provides software testing and the other companies that claim to be a software testing company and provide a host of other technical services. We believe that the primary difference is our people and our talent. Since we ONLY provide software testing, we attract and screen for the very best software testing talent – and there is a difference between a software test engineer working for a software testing company and a general software engineer who works for a company with a broad service offering.

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  • What is coaching and what are the types of coaching? +

    According to an article in IT Pro/silicon.com, one in three offshore or outsourced software testing projects fail. Research firm Ventoro found that “the main cause of offshore testing failures is a lack of preparation and poor execution by the user organization.” Ventoro went on to conclude that some offshore software testing companies can try to “steamroller the initial engagement process” in a rush to get the contract signed. MIT reports that only 37% of offshore testing co-sourced projects succeed and 50% of offshore software testing strategic partnerships fail. How do you like those odds? In the event that you do fail, where is the flaming finger of blame going to point? If your company depends on software for either new revenue or operational efficiency and productivity then it seems like making this type of bet on outsourced software testing and development is overly risky.

    To overcome these odds Start with the best outsourced software testing company you can find, Focus on the lowest risk area, Demand daily deliverable, Insist on real value, Use a scorecard, Report and adjust every week

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  • What is outsourcing? Why is it better to outsource ones data entry/data processing/data conversion processes? +

    Outsourcing is the concept or the idea of transferring internal company function performance to external firms, especially those that operate from countries that offer a reasonable price advantage for the quality offered.The benefits of outsourcing are many, as follows. It Helps you make tremendous cuts in operating costs. It Engages staff in core competencies, rather than for non-essential tasks like data entry and get experts to work on these back-office tasks. It helps you stay ahead of competition that is yet to fully internalize outsourcing into its operations. Outsourcing helps in polishing your back-office tasks due to handling by experts and thereby drawing client appreciation. It helps in achieving a structured growth pattern, through focused efforts. It is always fare better than in-house operations in technology adoption, digitization, related software deployment etc.

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  • What Branding exactly is? +

    Branding is more than a logo and a clever tagline. Your brand tells the story of your company. It’s your message and your values. Branding is when all of the different elements like your logo, social media posts, and marketing materials all tell the same story consistently. And when that happens, remarkable things occur.

    Your logo is a graphic or typographic symbol that identifies your company. A logo is part of your company’s brand identity. It represents part of your brand’s story, but it certainly isn’t the only part of the story.Your brand, as a whole, tells the entire story of your business. It’s your value proposition, your logo, the impressions you leave on people, and all of the marketing materials. Think of your brand as a story. You need elements like characters and plots in order to tell that story. Your logo is just one of those elements that help you tell the story.

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  • Does Industry Experience impact Application Development? +

    If you’re part of an organisation where software is key to the successful running of your business, there are probably lots of areas where you’ll engage people to work with it, from writing code and designing interfaces to research, maintenance and support. Of all the things these people can offer your business, one of the most valuable is domain knowledge; an in-depth understanding of your business, process and industry.

    Gathering this knowledge can be an expensive process, requiring an investment of time and money, as well as potentially incurring efficiency and productivity losses as you bring people up to speed.

    When we work with clients we encourage them to think of us as another employee, and be confident about our level of knowledge about their domain. This is about more than just knowing your values and business goals (anyone can read a mission statement), but about being able to understand who you are and what you do enough to represent you effectively. Having people outside your organisation who are nevertheless embedded in your company culture helps ensure the delivery of the highest quality software for the best possible value, making it the pragmatic answer to the domain knowledge question.

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