Integrated Talent Solutions

Spacebar delivers customized Integrated Talent Solutions to help you competing successful in present day’s marketplace wherein to prove the talent acquisition strategy and delivery be very agile, proficient and scalable. In this hyper-connected world, no single and monolithic supply chain model will work out hence, we believe in a very holistic approach to vigorous workforce planning and customized talent acquisition and management.

Our talent model comprises of the phases that allows flexibility and customization throughout all the stages of talent supply chain that includes:

Contingent Workers

Full time Workforce

Independent Contractors

Services come under SOW

Payroll Workers and


Spacebar aggregates the complete talent supply chain hence, we are capable enough to optimize the delivery against the requirements whatever it is and how big it is, we just never breathe big.

Spacebar offers complete range of customized integrated talent solutions in each of the respective talent supply models: Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions for Contingent Workforce and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions for Full-time Employees and Services Procurement/SOW Programs for Delivery-Based Consulting Projects.